Here are the top three heroes to use against Selena

Here are the top three heroes to use against Selena

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Selena stands out as the mage hero who does the most damage, maintains her stun the longest, and is generally a match-long nightmare for the opposition.

In any lineup configuration, Selena is a solid choice. If you can master her, you will undoubtedly reach the Mythic level. This view is held even by experts. She is one of the most often selected heroes in MPL PH, while being one of the most frequently banned characters.

How, then, do you rebut her? Against the Abysmal Witch, these three heroes will prove invaluable.



If you’re looking to take the mid lane from the Abyssal Witch, Kagura is your strongest mage option. You may counter an Abyssal Arrow and buy yourself some time to strike back with a Rasho Umbrella Flee.

Typically, only one Kagura combination is sufficient. When used in conjunction with Seimei Umbrella Open, Yin Yang Overturn may knock Selena back or stun her.

Whoever has the swiftest fingers will emerge victorious. Kagura should still come out on top even in a one-on-one fight.



In the first five minutes of a game, Selena players often attempt to disrupt the enemy’s center by jungling. When she tries to irritate the core of your crew, Khufra is the best tank to take care of business.

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All of his skills involve controlling large groups of people, which may be dangerous for her. Not to mention, Khufra’s Bouncing Ball can counter Selena’s Soul Eater+Garotte!



Diggie, the Time Keeper, comes first on our list. Particularly effective against Selena is his ultimate, Time Journey, since it removes the effects of Abyssal Arrow’s stun.

Diggie has counterattacks in the form of Reverse Time and Auto Alarm Bomb, which may interrupt her combination and knock her out.

Since Diggie can’t hide in the bushes to set up Abyssal Arrow moves, this tactic works against her as well.