OKBET TEAM VITALITY | When asked about the team's strength, DESTRIAN said, "We should be able to compete for the top spots in EMEA"

TEAM VITALITY | When asked about the team’s strength, DESTRIAN said, “We should be able to compete for the top spots in EMEA”

Gaming OKBET Team Vitality : Competition in VALORANT is now in its offseason. Almost every club has made changes to their starting lineup. Among the Partner teams who will compete in the VCT EMEA League in 2023 is Team Vitality. Twisten, MOLSI, and Destrian were the three new additions they announced for the reworked roster. Together with Salah and Strong on the coaching staff.

ceNder and BONECOLD were the only two holdovers from the French league champions. In the last year of the decade, 2022, Team Vitality will compete in two events. This is the final stage of the online tournament G-Loot VALORANT Clash. And Manchester, Red Bull’s Third Home Ground.

WELCOME TO THE VITALITY TEAM! Let’s begin with the origins of the decision to join this group.

Destrian: Many thanks! The opportunity to join Team Vitality arose out of the blue following some personnel changes. Because most of the squad already understood what sort of player I am from our previous encounters, the evaluation process was quick and painless. The group’s potential was immediately apparent to me. The vibe among the group was great from the get-go.



You will be collaborating with SALAH, Strong, and Gorilla, all of whom will serve as coaches. IN WHAT WAYS DO YOU COOPERATE WITH THEM?

I think we have one of the finest squads in Europe, Destrian (or even the world). Our primary coach, Salah, is responsible for instituting order and introducing the squad to the insights of the analysts. I enjoyed working with Strong on our last squad, and I consider him to be among the top counter-strat and scouting analysts in the game. I haven’t had much experience working in a team with gorilla, but I’ve been impressed with his approach and ideas thus far.

Mark: I know you also collaborate with VALORANT Champions 2021 champion BONECOLD.

How would you describe BONECOLD as an IGL based on your early experiences with them?

Destrian: In-game, BONECOLD is a cool customer; he makes for an excellent leader. His decisions are carefully thought out and rational (not random), and they fit in well with what we’ve set up so far. However, despite his cool demeanor during games, he’s a lot of fun and very sociable after they’re over, which is a tremendous boon to the team’s morale.

Mark: Next season, you’ll spend two months in Berlin competing in the EMEA League.



Destrian: Even if I were playing for Europe’s top team, I wouldn’t want people’s expectations of me to be too high. However, I think people are somewhat underestimating us, and I’m hoping that we can show them how incorrect they are. I believe we will be able to contend for first place in EMEA if everything goes according to plan.

You will be competing in the G-LOOT and the RED BULL tournaments. BOTH INTERNET-BASED AND LOCAL-AREA-BASED. In other words, WHAT DO YOU INTEND FOR THEM TO ACCOMPLISH?

Destrian: The next competitions will provide us with a wonderful opportunity to prove ourselves in competitive settings despite our youthful roster. This season’s officiating will show us what areas require the greatest work for next season’s league, since we won’t see these issues in practice. Ultimately, we want to demonstrate the full extent of the Vitality’s talent to our devoted fan base.

YOUR OPINION ON THE CURRENT META AT VALORANT PLEASE. In what ways have you modified or retained the original?

Destrian: I feel that the metagame in Valorant is fairly robust right now, particularly following the nerfs to Chamber. As a positive indicator, we witness a wide variety of agent compositions in action during competitions. The agents Cypher, Yoru, and even the new agent Harbor are nearly unplayable on most maps since they do not suit the meta.

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I hope that these agents can get some kind of overhaul to make them competitive again. Similarly, I think the game would benefit from nerfs to Chamber, who is still too powerful and isn’t a sentinel-like agent.


Destrian: It’s safe to say that I’m rather content with my life right now. I’ve realized a lifelong ambition of mine and am now earning a living doing what I love—playing video games. In terms of accomplishments, I have not yet achieved my ultimate goal of being a LAN tournament champion. To be honest, I’m eager to participate in a Valorant LAN since I’ve never done it before.