Sportsbooks are responding to the increased demand for tennis betting by providing a wider variety of wagers and odds, including in-play wagering. Here’s all you need to know about tennis betting in preparation for the upcoming U.S. Open, which will feature a number of top players.

Advice on Tennis Betting

With the appropriate handicapping method and the accompanying tennis betting tips, you may earn some cash on the courts with the abundance of tennis information and statistics accessible.

Become familiar with the court surface

In tennis, the court’s surface is the primary disadvantage. Only a select few athletes can excel on every playing surface. As an example, the grass court at Wimbledon is ideal for a serve-and-volley game style with huge serves.

In contrast, the clay court at Roland-Garros favors baseliners while slowing down powerful serves. It’s a good idea to have some background on how the chances change depending on whether you’re playing on clay or grass.

Look for one-off wagers

Betting on tennis requires an understanding of the cerebral side of the game, and situational advantages may be substantial. After a shocking loss or a wildly thrilling success, it’s important to keep an eye out for feelings of disappointment. Keep in mind that the top players may not be as eager to win lesser events as their lower-ranked opponents.

Players who have gone through qualifying will enter the tournament better prepared than those who have received automatic entrance but have yet to play a game due to scheduling considerations. However, exhaustion (mental and physical) might also have an effect.

Distinctive approaches provide disadvantages in pairings

Rankings and current play should not be given undue weight. Because of the one-on-one nature of tennis matches, players’ individual playing styles are more important than ever.

Each player has their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and head-to-head records may shed light on patterns. Tennis gamblers should take each player’s unique playing style into account with their previous win/loss records.

Health and fitness come first

Tennis is a physically demanding sport, with frequent changes in direction and minimal breaks in action. As a result, players must be in peak physical condition. The duration of the competition (Grand Slam events are best-of-five sets instead of best-of-three), the temperature (hotter weather is more exhausting), injuries, and the time off between tournaments for specific players are all variables that might make fitness more crucial.

Because their opponent could start matches strong, the more physically fit player might take over down the stretch, it is helpful to know which players are in top physical form when handicapping tennis live betting.

Variety of Tennis Wagers

There are numerous different types of tennis bets, but the moneyline, spread, and Over/Under are the most common.


The moneyline is the most common kind of tennis wager, in which the bettor predicts the match’s victor. If you put $185 on Djokovic and he wins the match, you will get $100. This is because the odds on the favorite are always negative.

If the underdog wins, the odds will have a plus sign (+) before them, so if you bet $100 on Federer and he wins, you’ll get back $165. In a “pick ’em” situation, if both players have the same number, the winner may be chosen at random.

Novak Djokovic-185
Roger Federer+165

Tennis became popular

Handicaps, similar to the point spread in basketball and football, are used by oddsmakers to provide a level playing field for the matches.

For Novak Djokovic to win the match and cover the game spread of -4.5 against Dmitry Medvedev, he must win the match by a score of at least 5 sets. Medvedev would cover the spread with a victory or a loss by four games or fewer.

Much to the run line in baseball, the -1.5 set spread is used in tennis. If you wager on Djokovic at -1.5 sets and he wins in straight sets, you will collect your winnings. The match will end in defeat for you if Medvedev takes a set.

PlayerGame spread odds
Novak Djokovic-4.5
Daniil Medvedev+4.5
PlayerSet spread odds
Novak Djokovic-1.5
Daniil Medvedev+1.5

Over/Under Betting

The Over/Under is a kind of wager in which the bettor predicts either the higher or lower total number of points in a given sporting event. In tennis, however, the Over/Under is determined by the expected total number of games played.

Remember that tennis matches will be played to a maximum of five sets, with each set lasting an hour and a half. To win a set, a player has to win six games by a margin of two games, and if the set is tied at 6-6, a seventh game is played to break the tie.

Using the above scenario as an example, if both players participate in 39 or more games, the Over will pay out at a rate of $100 for every $125 bet. The Under pays $105 for every $100 wagered if the total number of games played by the participants is 38 or less.

The Over/Under for sets is always 2.5, so that’s another method to wager.

Total gamesOdds
Over 38.5-125
Under 38.5+105

Futures Betting

One of the most common types of tennis wagers is a wager on the eventual winner of a certain tournament, known as a “futures odds” wager, with the U.S. Open being a particularly popular example. Each participant is given a price that reflects their individual odds of winning.

Futures odds for the U.S. Open show that Ashleigh Barty (+350) and Naomi Osaka (+450) are the two favorites. For every $100 wagered on Barty’s victory, a $350 return would be earned if she were to take home the gold.


The market for proposition bets is one approach to add additional excitement to tennis betting. You may wager on things like the first-game victor, the final score, the Over/Under on the total number of aces, and more.

Remember that certain sportsbooks may only provide these specialized prop bets for larger tournaments or games.

Live Betting in Tennis

Given the rapid pace at which points may change hands in tennis, live betting presents interesting options for sharp bettors. With in-play wagering, you may choose outcomes including as the match winner, set winner, and game winner in every set you’re watching.

Follow these guidelines for live tennis betting to capitalize on momentum shifts and John McEnroe-style meltdowns, and make sure your stream is always up to date.

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