The Fortnite issue renders players entirely invisible; here's how to do it

INVISIBLE BUG | The Fortnite issue renders players entirely invisible; here’s how to do it

Tips by OKBET the most recent bug in Fortnite enables players to become invisible bug, allowing them to sneak up on their competition. Players’ enjoyment has been severely disrupted by this bug, therefore we anticipate a quick resolution from Epic Games.


However, if you insist on trying the bug anyhow, know that you do it at your own peril. Using this exploit, you can hide in plain sight and breeze through games. On the other hand, there is always the risk that other players may report you, leading to a suspension.

In this piece, we’ll cover all you need to know about the recent Fortnite bug and how to fix it. We’ll go through how to exploit the bug and how to prevent it from being exploited by other players.

This new Fortnite bug is a total disaster.

In Chapter 3 of Season 4 of Fortnite, all you have to do to become invisible is don a few articles of cosmetic clothing and pull off an emote. Although this is one of the more straightforward exploits to do, be aware that doing so may result in a suspension.

Carry Shockwave Grenades and attempt to escape from your opponent if you discover they are using this exploit. And if you’re up against an unseen opponent in the last moments of the game, Shockwave Grenades are your best bet for sending them hurtling into the eye of the storm.

Keep in mind that you may still do harm to these players. However, because you won’t have full visibility of their hitbox, hitting them will be a major challenge.

This is how to pull off the most recent Fortnite exploit:


1. Equip the Neymar Jr. skin

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Choosing the appropriate skin is the first step. You’ll need the Neymar Jr. getup if you want to pull off the newest Fortnite bug. Sadly, you can’t buy this skin in the Item Shop since it was only available during the Chapter 2 Season 6 Battle Pass.

The skin design is completely customizable.

2.Put some bling on Neymar Jr.’s back

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Putting on the skin requires you to also put on Neymar Jr.’s back bling. The Joia Trophy, a piece of back bling that comes in two variations, is available.

You need to wear the Golden Goal style, as seen in the above picture, for the bug to take effect.

3. Activate the in-built expression emote

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You’ll need to employ Neymar Jr.’s emote twice once the match begins. This time, you’ll have to be mobile when his right hand starts to move.

If you pull it off correctly, no one will be able to see anything beyond your back bling and the pickaxe.

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4. Offend your adversaries with this technique

okbet fortnite INIVISIBLE BUG

The invisibility bug in Fortnite may be utilized to win games easily. In any case, if you choose to do this, you will probably get kicked out. The length of a ban might range from one day to many years. Permanent exclusion is another option.

Try out the latest Fortnite bug by playing jokes on your friends or foes.