Find Out About Major I and Purchase Tickets Now!

Find Out About Major I and Purchase Tickets Now!

Major I – We’re doing something really new and exciting from December 15-18 at the Raleigh Convention Center in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The Call of Duty League is excited to host the first Major of the 2023 season, and the excitement is mutual. Don’t miss out on meeting some of the people responsible for making Call of Duty, streaming it, and playing it that you look up to.

Major I League Call of Duty

The 15-18 of December

The Call of Duty League is holding Major I at the Raleigh Convention Center on local area network. We encourage you to take advantage of the currently available tickets and be a part of the action at this venue in person.

This Major will be different from previous ones in that it will be played in a Pro-Am format. Competing professional teams will combat qualified Challenger teams for CDL Points and US $500,000. If your Challengers team didn’t make the cut for the Pro-Am, they’ll still have a shot at glory in the first Challengers Open of 2023, held on December 16-18.

Meanwhile, during Major I, there will be even more spectacular OKBET Call of Duty esports tournaments.

Bowl III: The Call of Duty Endowment

okbet call of duty

Day: December 16

It’s time once again for Raleigh, North Carolina to host the third annual Call of Duty Endowment (C.O.D.E.) Bowl, sponsored by USAA. The action goes down on Sunday, December 16. Come see some of your favorite Call of Duty developers play on military esports teams from the United States and the United Kingdom in C.O.D.E. Bowl III! This year, the Call of Duty Endowment accomplished a major goal by helping to re-employ 100,000 veterans into meaningful civilian careers. The C.O.D.E. Bowl will be more spectacular than ever this year in honor of this remarkable accomplishment. Experience some of the best competitive play in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 with some of the scene’s most renowned players.

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Tournament de Finales Mundiales de Call of Duty Mobile 2022


The 15-18 of December

The Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship Finals will be broadcast live from Major I for the first time ever! For the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship trophy and prize money, the top teams from North America, Latin America, Europe, India, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia will go head to head. Live coverage of the event will be provided both in-game (where viewers can earn free goodies) and on the official Call of Duty: Mobile Esports YouTube channel, so even if you can’t make it to Raleigh, you can still be a part of the action.