Dota 2: Medusa counter strategies

Dota 2: Medusa counter strategies

Medusa has been in and out of the Dota 2 meta for quite some time. The protagonist seems unstoppable at times, yet is overlooked at others.

She deserves all of the acclaim she’s getting. She has a powerful team fight ultimate that (for some reason) pierces Black King Bar, is very tanky, scales extremely well with gear, and is one of the game’s quickest farming carriers.

And that doesn’t even touch on how gorgeous she is.

While she may be a formidable opponent, her opponents do have choices. It’s not simple, but if you use these strategies, you should be able to defeat her more often.

Dark Seer


Dark Seer is a powerful tool against most Dota 2 carriers. Thanks to his reliable Ion Shell, Dark Seer is able to farm well in the lane. As soon as Dark Seer captures Aghanim, his Ion Shell buffs his allies’ health and does considerable damage to foes within melee range.

Whether you’re playing defense or offense, Dark Seer’s Surge is a fantastic ability to have. To put it another way, it gives the allies a buffer zone between themselves and the adversary. Medusa’s lack of speed is one among her many flaws. Dark Seer may use Surge to activate her ultimate and get his squad out of danger.

Dark Seer’s ultimate is very effective against her, complementing his base powers. The enemy’s greatest heroes may now appear before your own eyes, thanks to the Wall of Replica. Dark Seer’s illusions may do more damage than the real hero if the illusionist is skilled enough.

Dark Seer may produce deadly replicas of Medusa that can wipe out an entire team since her item setup is often stat-heavy.

Dark Seer is one of the finest counters because of his tremendous laning stage, ability to boost teammates, and capacity to produce devastating illusions.



With Anti-Mage, Medusa faces one of the finest carry-to-carry matchups in the game. It’s possible to utilize any of Anti-spells Mage’s successfully against her.

Medusa’s immobility is one of her few flaws. Her movement speed is terrible, and she acts more like a lethal tank than a speed demon. Anti-blink Mage’s is a great ability because of this. Anti-Mage may use this to her advantage by quickly entering and exiting battles, denying her opponents a time to mount a defense.

The anti-greatest mage’s power is her speedy mana drain. The snake lady is upset because she needs her mana to recharge before she can release her mystical snakes.

The Anti-Mana Mage’s Break, in conjunction with the illusions of the Manta Style, may drain a hero’s mana to zero in a matter of seconds. This makes Mana Void an ideal choice for erasing a whole team.

While Anti-Mage isn’t always the strongest carry, she makes for a great counter to Medusa because to her high mobility, Mana Break, and one-shot ultimate.



Nyx, being a support that can play both position 4 and 5, is one of the finest to have while facing Medusa.

Nyx can easily stun Medusa for more over five seconds with his Carapace and Impale combination. Since Nyx has two abilities that may strike several foes at once, it is very simple to set off Spiked Carapace and stun her.

Once Nyx has stunned an opponent for 2.6 seconds with Spiked Carapace, she may stun them for a further 2.6 seconds with Impale.

Nyx’s ultimate, Vendetta, is great not just for disabling foes, but also for scouting and arranging kills. Medusa spends a lot of her early game in the jungle cultivating neutrals, which makes Nyx’s scouting skills important in interrupting her early game.

We established that Nyx can detect and deactivate Medusa quite simply. Nyx’s destructive nature is another reason he makes a good opponent.

Advice: if you’re playing Dota 2 versus Medusa, mastering the jungle is crucial

In the early game, Medusa isn’t the best carry option. She requires a lot of farm and levels to come online since she is too sluggish, does too little damage, and cannot tank effectively.

That usually means she’ll spend the early game in the jungle, farming creeps as hard as she can so she can help her team win later.

Knowing that she would be concentrating on farming makes it imperative that her jungle camps be disrupted as much as possible. The quickest method to achieve it is to spam sentries in the jungle.

Obviously, there aren’t enough sentry wards to permanently seal off the whole enemy jungle. Two well positioned sentries within the jungle triangle, however, may cripple the opposing economy.

As a result of the triangle’s closure, Medusa can cultivate just half of the jungle. This not only makes it simpler to go after her by eliminating the most lucrative jungle encampment, but it also reduces the cost of doing so.

Medusa does a shocking amount of harm to the body. If the game continues on for long enough, the hero can take on several enemies by himself. Farmed Medusas are very difficult to kill, even for professional teams.

All members of the opposing team will take some of her considerable physical damage during team battles.

You might think about using a combination of defensive aura items to stand a chance against her. Protecting yourself from harm physically is a lot easier with gear like the Assault Cuirass, Vladimir’s Gift, Guardian Greaves, and the Crimson Guard.

The Tiny army, for example, received 190-200 damage each hit when they didn’t have any auras. All of the damage is cut in half using the aforementioned Aura goods, to around 120 per hit.

Further decreased to 90 damage if Crimson Guard is activated. For a hero with just two levels of armor, that’s a significant decrease in damage taken.

While stacking aura items is one strategy for mitigating Medusa’s damage, what if I told you there was a method to prevent her from ever striking your squad at all?

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It was IceFrog’s brilliant idea to create a weapon that temporarily renders archers and snipers defenseless for five seconds. In addition, there is no way to counteract this disadvantage.

There are now two lists against Medusa. There are a number of tools at a player’s disposal while going up against her, such as excellent hero choices and putting an early stop to her.

If you can master even half of them, dealing with the hero will be a breeze.