Announcement of the Challengers 2023 Season

Announcement of the Challengers CUP 2023 Season

Gaming OKBET – Challengers CUP : Professional and amateur players alike are gearing up for the grind in anticipation of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II’s launch in two weeks. We’ve made several changes and enhancements to Call of Duty Challengers in preparation for the upcoming 2023 season.

A Challengers Cup Campaign in 2023

The need that participants play matches each week during the Season has been eliminated as a ladder in an effort to lower the barrier to entry posed by this rule. In keeping with the Call of Duty League, the winner of each double-elimination bracket will be decided by a Best-of-Seven series instead of two Best-of-Five series.


All four divisions once again have their own cup competition. In these online weekend tournaments, players have the option to compete in open events for prizes and Challenger points. The 12th and 13th of November, 2022 is the first Cup of the 2022 Challengers Season. You may see the whole schedule here.


On the 16-18 of December, 2023, Raleigh, North Carolina will host the inaugural Challengers Open of the next season.

On December 3-4, 2022, an online Regional Qualifier will be held to choose the eight teams (three from North America, three from Europe, one from Asia, and one from Latin America) who will get hotel and travel expenses paid for the purpose of competing against the CDL Teams at Major 1.

Teams who don’t make the cut for Major I Bracket may still compete and establish a name for themselves in the Open, since they will be seeded in the Top 32. Your place in the first bracket will determine your new seed in the top 32 in the Open bracket.

Elite Challengers

The top eight teams from each season’s Challengers Elite in North America and Europe continue to compete the following season. We anticipate that the growth of talent and the rise in participation in each area will be aided by the extension of Challengers Elite.

Due to scheduling conflicts, Challengers Elite teams will not be able to compete in Cups that begin during the first week of their Challengers Elite Season, but they will still be eligible to win points and prizes. We want to make sure that even non-Elite teams have plenty of chances to shine this season, so we’re setting up a variety of tournaments and challenges for them to win points and prizes.


Finals of the Challengers

When it comes to Call of Duty esports, the Challengers Finals is the peak of amateur competition throughout the world, thus it’s important to us that every area is equally represented there.

Quantity of Groups

The number of teams competing in the Challengers Finals has increased to sixteen, and the organizers will cover the costs of their hotel and transportation to the tournament.

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The method through which teams qualify for the Challengers Finals will also be different beginning in 2023. A Challengers squad may advance to the Finals in one of three ways.

  1. Positions 1 through 10 on the Regional Leaderboard (4 NA, 4 EU, 1 APAC, and 1 LATAM)
  2. We think it’s crucial to have all areas represented, which is why we’re working toward using regional leaderboards to determine who qualifies for the competition.
  3. Final Open: The Top Two Squads
  4. Any team, regardless of their current standing in the Challengers Points standings, will have a chance to qualify for the Challengers Finals if they compete in the last Open event of the season, which will have two auto-qualification slots up for grabs. A more accurate representation of the number of teams qualifying from each area will also be possible as a result of this modification.
  5. One More Shot at Qualification: 1 Group Representing Each Region
  6. In the same manner as the previous year, we will have an LCQ for each area in order to choose the final competitors for Finals.

The Value of a Challenger

Starting in 2023, we flattened the distribution of Cup and Open points to better reward clubs with consistent performances throughout the season.