Here Are 8 Methods to Choose Winning Lotto Numbers

Here Are 8 Methods to Choose Winning Lotto Numbers

The best way to pick lotto numbers is a matter of personal preference. Some people believe in looking for trends in previous drawings, while others believe that the solutions can be found in the Zodiac.

The lottery draw is completely arbitrary, so it doesn’t matter how you choose your numbers. There is no foolproof strategy (or else we’d all be millionaires), but having one certainly doesn’t hurt.

The enormous $810 million Mega Millions prize that has the whole world going crazy can be won in one of eight possible ways.

1. Study The Statistics

This strategy entails reviewing past drawings and keeping track of which balls came up most often. Because lotteries are so popular all around the world, there is a wealth of resources available to you.

There is no logical explanation for why certain numbers are chosen more frequently than others, but a few seem hotter than the rest.

It’s important to keep in mind that every number has an equal probability of getting drawn, regardless of how often it has been drawn in recent games or how often it hasn’t.

The process as a whole is laborious, but many lottery players swear by its effectiveness.

But you should expect that other people will also use this strategy, so you should be ready to share the winnings if your numbers come up.

2. Use Numerology

The topic of Numerology is up next. Whether or if you choose to adopt this strategy depends heavily on your faith in the cosmos.

Anybody can arrive at their own “numbers” that have meaning only to them.

We won’t go into detail on how to find them because it’s a fairly long process, but if you’re interested in giving it a shot, plenty of websites explain it all.

When you’ve settled on a winning combination of six numbers, enter them in the next lottery drawing.

The prize you’ve been trying to win for years might finally be in your grasp, thanks to some cosmic power.

3. Use Lucky Numbers

Everyone has a few fortunate digits.

As it’s your birthday, the number 10 might appeal to you. You can also have an irrational affinity for the number 28.

There are many different kinds of lucky numbers, such as birthdays and jersey numbers. Choosing the ones you like or have sentimental value for is all there is to it.

This is by no means a scientific method, but it has always been a favorite for choosing lotto numbers.

4. Go Random

Since picking lottery numbers must be fully random, there’s no good reason to ignore this fact.

If I asked you to name a number, what would it be? Please put it on paper, and you’ve got yourself a first-round choice!

You can also randomly select numbers by using a variety of additional methods, the extent of which is only limited by your imagination. A pen may be dropped on the numbers, and whichever one it lands on would be the one to utilize.

We could spend hours discussing different ways to generate a random number, but we’ll leave that to your imagination instead. You’ve done it right if you’ve selected the appropriate quantity of items.

This is one of our favorite methods for selecting lottery numbers because it doesn’t take a lot of time and relieves the stress of coming up with your own numbers.

5. Pick Numbers Over 31

This strategy won’t improve your odds of winning, but it could help you walk away with a bigger check if you do.


Well, most individuals use their birthdays, so they pick a few low numbers. This means that people use the numbers 32 and up less often.

As a result, the odds of someone else winning the jackpot with your numbers are lower.

Imagine you’re playing the lottery and the prize is $10 million. Ten lucky winners will split the pot. The plan was to give everyone a million dollars.

Yet, if only 2 individuals win, you’ll still walk away with $5 million.

Everyone should use this approach because it is supported by mathematics.

6. Make A Pattern

If you examine your lottery ticket closely, you’ll see that your choices form a pattern. The numbers are selected using a sketching method on the slip.

One option is to walk in a circle; another is to attempt to form a letter of the alphabet. Take advantage of your creative skills to produce something truly impressive for the cashier to see.

Don’t just go in a straight line, as plenty of others will do that and you’ll have to split the reward pool with lots of other people if you win.

7. Use A System

Some lottery players employ systems to aid in the selection of winning numbers.

The internet is rife with these, all promising to increase your chances of striking it rich.

Although this is not the case, many people have reported positive results.

There are many, but we’ll only talk about the Delta System today.

Here’s how it operates:

  • Choose a number between one and three.
  • Choose any two other digits between 1 and 8.
  • Now choose a number close to 8.
  • Choose a pair of digits between 8 and 15 now.
  • Please don’t keep the numbers in numerical order; jumble them up a bit.
  • The first number you pick is the sequence’s first Delta number.
  • To get the second figure, sum the first two Delta values.
  • Combine your second lottery number and your third Delta number to get the third.
  • The third lottery number plus the fourth Delta number equals the final number.
  • Combining the 4th lottery number and the 5th Delta number yields the 5.
  • The fifth lottery number is added to the sixth Delta number to get the sixth.
  • This may sound not easy, but sticking to the guidelines will simplify things.

If you have more than one number greater than the top lottery number, switch them around until you find a combination that works.

8. Leave It To The Machine

Have a case of laziness? If you want to avoid putting in any effort to choose your lottery numbers, this is the method for you.

In the majority of lotteries, participants are given a set of numbers at random.

After making your choice, your ticket will automatically reflect the appropriate amount of options.

Others may argue that your odds of winning are worse if you let the machine choose your numbers.

The truth is that your odds of winning are the same whether you spend a year carefully selecting your numbers or letting the machine choose them for you.

In some nations, including the UK, randomly picking numbers is very common.

If you’re feeling lucky, why not try your luck at the lotto machine?

It’s All About Lady Luck

We wish you luck the next time you try to win the jackpot in real money lottery games and hope you find at least one of these strategies appealing.

If you are the lucky winner, we’ve put together a helpful guide on dealing with your newfound fortune.

After all, it would be a major turning point!

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